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Are you looking for the next best marketing strategy or trick that will magically transform your business in 2018?

Maybe it’s a way to get more traffic, increase your conversions or email open rates, set up chatbots or grow your audience on social media…

Or maybe you are looking for the next great tool to manage your social media marketing campaigns, web or landing pages to save time and collaborate with your team members?

All of this can all play a big part in your marketing efforts, but you might have missed the most important trick in the book…

See, most of us THINK we know:

  • Who our potential customers are
  • what they want
  • and how to find them.

But in reality, it’s far more complicated.

Life gets busy real easy these days, and there are millions of distractions, challenges and other solutions out there getting in the way for them to find your product or service

Taking some time to strategically think what those are can be the game changer for your marketing and sales…

Like they say…

1 minute of planning saves 5 in doing…

Once you have done your homework properly, it’s much easier to make any new marketing trick or tactic work magic for you.

Time to get strategic

We all know this is part of marketing best practices, but it’s too easy to skip this when things get busy and just assume we know our potential audience.

But having a gut feeling about something simply is not the same as taking time to really think about it and putting it down on paper.

Our thinking is often times way too involved around our own product or service and from our own perspective, not the customers.

Key here is not to focus on the service or product you are trying to sell, but the actual RESULT you want your customers to have.

Forget all limitations for a while and think about what would be the best possible experience and the outcome you would like your dream customer to have.

Then work your way backwards figure out:

  • Who they are
  • where they spend time
  • and how you grab their attention

Russell Brunson has illustrated this perfectly in his DotComSecrets book, which I highly recommend you get.

Best Marketing Strategy – Secret Formula

It’s one of the best online marketing books out there to help you understand the core principles of marketing and sales that can be applied to grow any business.

-> Get your free copy of DotComSecrets here

This is basically all you need to reach the right audience and get them into your sales funnel.

It really is that simple, but you need to put in some work to do the research…

Know your customers

To really start digging into who your potential customers are you need to figure out what their goals and challenges are, what’s going on in their lives and what possible solutions they could come across before considering your solution.

Try to keep your current product or service out of this equation as much as possible and really focus on the journey they go through before finding a solution, whether it’s yours or something completely different.

Things you discover during this process could even help you improve your product or service later on.

The most effective way to document this information is building a buyer persona.

You can use this free tool from HubSpot to help to build your personas in a fun and easy way. It’s completely free to use and don’t require you to have HubSpot account, although you might want to consider their free plan to get access to their CRM and free version of the marketing platform if need one in your business.

-> Use HubSpot’s Buyer Persona tool

Try to keep it simple and focus on your main persona first and do rest of them later. The idea is to build a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

Once your persona is done, you should have the answer to questions who they are and where to find them.

Action tip:

Print out your personas and keep them somewhere visible where you can see them. This will really help to keep your content relevant to your audience each and every day.

Having your personas on hand, in real time when you create content. Doing this will dramatically improve your blog posts and entire content marketing process.

Knowing who you are making your content to will help you generate more ideas, plan ahead building a content calendar and make project management of your marketing so much easier in the long run.

Set the bait

To grab the attention of your potential customer, you need a crushing offer they simply can not refuse.

Try to come up with something you can give away for free, but is high in value for them. It can be either a free service or information you can provide.

  • This could be a:
  • Downloadable e-book or checklist
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Free training
  • A useful tool like an online calculator or downloadable spreadsheet
  • Small service you can provide easy, like a consultation or audit

Make sure it’s highly relevant to your product or service, so you can naturally move new leads down your sales funnel.

Make buying easy

A common problem with most businesses is that their services require a long sales process or they sell only a few smaller items with low margins

If you are selling a hard to sell a high ticket product or service, try to think of other less expensive services you could offer them first before introducing your higher value offerings.

If you are not offering a recurring plan or membership, try to think ways to introduce one as early as possible. This will increase your customer lifetime value and bring more predictability to your business with steady cash flow.

In contrary If you are only selling low-ticket items or service, think what else you could offer to provide even more value. A satisfied customer is always willing to spend more money with you to get even more value.

Here’s another excellent chart from Russell’s free book that illustrates how to build a value ladder for your services.

Best Marketing Strategy – Value Ladder

Faster you can turn your leads into buying satisfied customers, less time you have to spend selling to survive.

This will give you the freedom to focus on your business, improving your product or service and helping your customers make the most out of it.

Master your funnels

What happens to your leads after they grab your offer is topic for an entirely new blog post, but reading this book I mentioned earlier it will walk also walk you through the steps to build your sales funnels and email marketing sequences.

-> Go grab your free copy of DotComSecrets here

Scale your marketing

When your business and sales funnel is set up like this, it’s much easier to scale your marketing with all the hot new tricks and tactics out there.

Only now it starts to pay dividends to spend time digging around your Google Analytics to see what small tweaks you could do to start optimizing conversions.

Chances are your web page conversions are already way higher with the right content relevant to your target audience and an offer they simply can’t refuse.

Serving your audience first and building focusing on tactics second will also result in happier customers, more likely to recommend your product or service to others.

This will make your marketing so much easier.

Before you go chasing after the next shiny new marketing tool or tactic, make sure you have done to strategic work required to be successful with it.

If you have any questions about the methods mentioned here, just let me know in the comments below.