Follow unfollow Instagram trick – Does it still work?

December 19, 2018

If you are unfamiliar with the term, follow unfollow is a common  Instagram growth strategy. You can use it to organically gain new highly targeted followers. It works by mass following people matching your target audience, then unfollowing them a few days later.

Do organic followers still matter?

Unlike its parent company Facebook, Instagram’s organic reach is still pretty good. Having a strategy in place to grow your following is something everyone using the platform for business should have.

Brands on Instagram have 4.21% engagement rate. That’s 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.


Not only you can reach new people for free, but having over 10,000 followers have other advantages too. Unlocking the swipe-up links in stories lets you drive more traffic to your website, blog or other social media accounts.

Does the follow unfollow Instagram strategy still work in 2019?

While this used to work like magic a few years back, people are now more aware of it. Some will find it merely annoying and simply hate you for doing so.

Follow-unfollow Instagram trick can be a great short-term strategy to kickstart your social media marketing on the platform.

The goal is to get your profile in front of new people, so make sure it’s optimised and has interesting content. Instagram marketing is all about consistency and volume. You need to be posting new photos and videos regularly and updating your story daily. 

Don’t forget to use relevant Instagram hashtags and keep interacting with our followers and commenters to grow your engagement. 

Disadvantages of follow-unfollow strategy

Follow-unfollow strategy and using mass automation has its disadvantages too. Before you jump into it, make sure to read this post all the way through.

Be aware of instagram rules and limits

The Instagram algorithm is smart, and they will know what you are doing. Too aggressive automated behavior like mass following and liking photos can get you banned.

Automation can hurt your organic reach

Using automation can decrease your organic reach within Instagram’s alogrithm. I do not recommended using this strategy if you are growing your account using viral methods.

Is it still worth it?

For new accounts, this can be a really effective strategy. Posting beautiful content is pointless if there is no one to see it. Using follow-unfollow trick can get you 1,000 targeted and real followers in no time. It’s a great way to kickstart your Instagram marketing.

You can grow to even higher numbers using this strategy, but it will take time. I have personally got well past 10k mark, but it has taken almost a year to get there.

All you need is some careful planning and right automation tools.

What is the best follow unfollow Instagram tool?

There are literally hundreds of tools out there to automate Instagram and they fall into 2 categories: Software and service platforms.

Which one is better really depends on your needs, budget and how comfortable you are operating a complex piece of software.

Instagram automation software

Automation software is great for agencies and others running multiple accounts.  But they all require you to have a computer running 24/7. If something goes wrong or needs your attention you want a way to access your computer remotely.

These are typically more complicated to use and priced high, therefore not ideal for beginners.

Instagram automation platforms

With online platforms, you often have less control over the features. But because they run in the cloud, you can access the service from anywhere.

You still need to be aware of Instagram API limits and be careful not to go over them. This can happen easily if you follow too many users at a time or like too many photos within a short perioid of time. In the worst possible  case  you could risk your account getting shut down.

Luckily many platforms give you presets to start slowly and gradually work your way up over time.

Pricing with these platforms is usually monthly subscription and billed per Instagram account. This is again more affordable for someone starting out, not having to invest in more expensive software licensing plan.

But wait, before you start…

Starting to grow your account is going to be difficult if you haven’t done your homework. Before you begin using any tool for Instagram growth, make sure you have done your research. You need to figure out who your potential customers are, where to find them and what kind of content they like.

What is the best follow and unfollow app for Instagram to get started with?

I’ve tried many of the tools, both software and online platforms and my choice for someone starting out would be Instazood.

It’s really easy to use and literally set and forget. I just keeps running the Instagram follow unfollow script behind the scenes. You can log in from anywhere see how things are going using the easy to understand stats.

Below you can find a quick video explaining in more detail how their Instagram bot works.

What is Instagram bot and how it works. 

Instazood features

Before you give it a go, here’s some pros and cons to consider.


  • Easy to use with a great set of features compared to other platforms
  • Presets to get running in no time
  • Free trial to try it out, no credit card required
  • Conversion statistics to keep track of what’s working and what’s not
  • Simple and affordable pricing model where you pay only for the features you use and when you use them
  • It won’t unfollow people you have followed yourself
  • Automatically keeps track of unfollowed users so you don’t follow them more than once
  • Includes all the basic features for the basic fee liking, following, unfollowing and view stories and automatic commenting
  • It can also direct messaging, comments management and post scheduling (Priced separately)


  • Some settings can be confusing, for example, it’s easy to accidentally turn the commenting feature on.
  • Less features compared to software tools


If you are looking for an easy to use Instagram automation, Instazood is really the best one out there. 

It’s only $9.99 per month for basic features and the billing runs only when the bot is running.


Ville Teikko

Ville Teikko is an award-winning creative & digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience in the digital design and advertising industry. Currently working as a Head of Digital at Harva Marketing.

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