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July 31, 2019

The problem with most website page builders is once you’ve finished and launched your page, they offer very little in terms of analytics and landing page optimization tools to help you get better results.

While ClickFunnels and other tools have the ability to start split testing with different variations, you should first find out why your page is not converting before jumping into this.

Luckily there are free landing page optimization tools you can implement today and start learning more about your website visitors and their actions.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through 2 of them and explain why you should use them.

The problem with split testing

Don’t get me wrong, testing is good and you should test as many variations to start with when it comes to ads and even landing pages, this will help you find the best performing variation much faster.

But when you start to optimize a certain part of your funnel or landing page, it’s important to understand how split testing or A/B testing works.

  • You should only change one thing in your variations, this could be a headline, call to action copy, picture vs video etc.
  • If you test multiple variations at the same time you can’t tell which one is making your page convert better.
  • To get a statistically accurate result on which variation performs better, you need a lot of visitors. You can use this calculator to figure out how much exactly.

So, until you’re getting a lot of traffic to your page, split testing a button colour is not really something you want to focus.

Pinpoint the problem first

When you are getting bad conversions, the problem is not always on your landing page.

If you are running ads, for example, your ad copy or creative could be misleading or simply not consistent with your landing page message.

This will cause people to leave your page.

In order to track how ads or traffic sources are performing you need to be able to track conversions.

Track conversions with Google Analytics

While each ad platform provides their own conversion pixels, it’s also a good idea to set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics, this allows you to see all your traffic sources in a single tool and compare them.

To install Google Analytics, simply create a new property and copy paste your tracking code to your landing page platform.

In ClickFunnels you can do this in funnel level by going to funnel settings and adding it to the head scripts section.

To start tracking conversions you need to create a goal, I’ve written a separate blog post on how to do this.

HotJar Heatmaps

Visual feedback with HotJar

If the problem is on your landing page, the best way to find out is using HotJar to record your visitor’s behaviour with heat maps and session recordings.

Firs one will generate a heat map of where your visitors move their mouse or click, this will give an idea what areas of content get most attention or if some parts of the page are ignored completely.

Heatmaps take time to generate and like split testing, you need some data before they are useful.

But the real gem here is visitor recordings, this is like magic and once you’ve seen it you won’t believe was possible or even legal!

It will generate video recordings of your visitors so you can literally spy what they are doing.

This is extremely useful, and even if you don’t get much traffic at first you can still learn a lot by watching how people behave.

To install HotJar simply register with the link below and instal your tracking code same way you did with google analytics.

Register your FREE HotJar account

Once the tracking is enabled you need to turn on recordings and heatmaps on.

How to use the data on landing page optimization

When you gather data on what ads and traffic sources are converting best, simply invest more on those and kill the ones that are not performing well.

You’ll soon pick up things from HotJar recordings and heatmaps that are obvious problems, you don’t need to split test these just fix it.

Bonus tip

If your find tour visitors are still abandoning the page, the easiest way to find out is to ask them why.

With HotJar, you can set up a poll that’s triggered on exit intent and ask a simple question that can help you find out why they are leaving.

It converts best if you provide them with pre-defined answers.

You can then give the option to leave open feedback if they want and ask their email to get back.

Need more help with?

To get even more out of these free tools, make sure to read my full guide on setting up website analytics using HotJar and Google Analytics.

Hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any questions about landing page optimization or tools mentioned here, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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